Wellbeing Mentoring

Wellbeing Mentoring

UMO’s wellbeing mentoring is a short term, 7 session goal orientated model that focusses on obstacles blocking student’s success, such as bereavement, personal challenges and relationship issues.

£70 (excluding VAT)

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UMO Mental Health Support Services

Wellbeing mentoring aims to improve the quality of a student’s studies and keep their life at university on track when they may have become derailed.  The relationship provides a uniquely empathetic yet challenging support structure, over a period of seven individual weekly sessions.


More motivated

“To manage my stress and anxiety by helping me stay on top of my work whilst maintaining good relationships with others” (HEI student, undergraduate)


Developed new strategies

“I’ve gained new mindsets with my work and it has helped me realise that what I can do is enough for myself and my grades” (HEI student, undergraduate).


Improved concentration

“To deal with stress. That I am enough and I do not need to put too much pressure on myself” (HEI student, postgraduate).


Improved confidence

“Help sorting through my thoughts and feelings to see what actually needs to change, and what I can do to improve the situation” (HEI student, postgraduate). 


Wellbeing mentoring helps students to make sense of the issues they face whilst learning, to identify options and address them, and to develop and implement an action plan for change. 



It aims to improve the quality of their studies and keep their life at university on track. 



Wellbeing Mentoring not only supports the student, but also benefits whatever activity or project the student is undertaking whilst at university.