Wellbeing Mentoring

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UMO Mental Health Support Services

UMO’s wellbeing mentoring is a short term, 7 session goal orientated model that focusses on obstacles blocking employee success, such as bereavement, personal challenges and relationship issues.

Wellbeing mentoring aims to improve the quality of an employee’s work and keep their life at work on track when they may have become derailed.  The relationship provides a uniquely empathetic yet challenging support structure, over a period of seven individual weekly sessions.

Our Wellbeing Mentors work with individuals on many issues including confidence, self-esteem, goal setting, focus, and concentration by creating a safe space where employees can express themselves without judgement or the need to maintain the public face demanded of them in their working day. This confidential space is key to establishing and developing trust and honesty, which in turn leads to overcoming barriers and creating positive change.

The wellbeing mentoring relationship provides a uniquely empathetic yet challenging support structure. It helps individuals to make sense of the issues they face, to identify options and address them, and to develop and implement an action plan for change. It aims to improve the quality of their work and keep career paths on track. Wellbeing Mentoring not only supports the staff member, but also benefits whatever activity or project the individual is undertaking within their team, department or organisation.

Our experts help staff reach their individual potential, develop personal resilience and improve their working life.

Wellbeing Mentors work with all members of staff regardless of career stage as well as with those returning to work after maternity leave or other absence.

Sessions can be offered as a one-off, but are usually most effective where several sessions are scheduled over a period of time, thus enabling the wellbeing mentoring to be fully embedded in the individual’s daily working practice.