Work Drop in


UMO’s drop-in service offers confidential one-to-one support for employees when they need it, helping them identify their issues and refer them onto other appropriate services. 


UMO’s accessible drop-in service offers support, advice and information for employees who may or may not already be receiving support.  

£70 (excluding VAT)

UMO’s drop-in service provides the opportunity for employees to “unload” and receive practical advice and strategies. Employees can find out more about mental health and/or wellbeing services, and receive advice and support on how to manage and learn self-management techniques from a UMO clinician.

UMO’s drop-in service aims to empower employees and provide them with the knowledge and tools to manage their own mental health and wellbeing.

The UMO drop-in clinicians are highly qualified mental health practitioners, matched with their expertise in the workplace sector; they have the ability to connect with employees from a culturally diverse background.

UMO’s drop-in service can be established for a minimum period of 2 hours per week and offers a brief form of support for employees.