Specialist HEI Staff Training

Specialist HEI Training

UMO has a strong history of providing specialist HEI mental health and wellbeing training, using the most relevant evidence-based research, guidance and recommendations. 


Our bespoke skill-based training is aimed at all levels of staff within the education sector. UMO trainers are highly qualified and experienced mental health practitioners, all with extensive experience working in HEI settings, chosen for their expertise.


Specialist Core Training for Education Sector Staff

“A positive learning experience which informed me about elements of autism that I had been previously unaware of” 


100% of staff gave feedback that UMO trainers are knowledgeable about the subject areas, the learning objectives are met and trainers are well prepared  

3 Level Safer-Suicide Prevention Support

Safer-Suicide & Trusted Contacts Guidance

1. Safer-Suicide Training – A Whole University Approach 

(2 days)


2. Staff Safer-Suicide Drop-in (monthly) 


3. Staff Mental Health Support Drop-in (monthly)


Accessible to all levels of staff

Specialist HEI Staff Mental Health Training (1 day)

Supporting all staff levels

Educates staff on how to support both student and staff mental health better. 


Focusing on case studies, role play and skill-based examples to support learning. 


Using the most recent psychological evidence-base and literature

Supporting Neurodiversity Training

Increasing understanding and skill-based support

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Training (1 day)


Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Training (1 day)

Accommodation / Residency Staff Support

Increasing confidence

Specialist Staff Accommodation Training (1 day)


Specialist Accommodation Staff Supervision (monthly)


Supporting staff to feel more confident in supporting students who have greater complex mental health challenges and receiving guidance from highly experienced and qualified clinicians who work in the HEI environment.

Specialised Training: (in person or virtual)


PhD supervisor Training (half day)

HEI Leadership Training (1 day)

Mental Health Awareness (1 day)

Mental Health Voices (1 day)

Building Real Resilience (half day)

Thought Challenging (half day)

Behaviour Changing (half day)

Men’s Mental Health and Suicide Prevention (1 day)

Joining Together – Global Majority (1 day)