Drop-in Service

Drop-in Service

UMO’s drop-in service offers confidential one-to-one support for students when they need it, helping them identify their issues and refer them onto other appropriate services. 

UMO’s accessible drop-in service offers supports, advice and information for students who may or may not already be receiving support.

Problem solving

Supporting wellbeing

“The problems I have are not entirely of my own making and I can seek assistance from my supervisors and the college administration: I am not alone in the process” (HEI student, undergraduate) 


Supporting mental health

“The drop-in helped me to bring up difficult topics with boss/supervisor. It gave me strategies that work for me to combat my negative perception of work performance, time and expectations management (my own expectations)” (HEI student, postgraduate).



Mental health practitioners

“It gave me more support and guidance with the current struggles that I am currently under going. I’m not alone in during the tough times in my study, when I could easily give up hope and fail my self” (HEI student, undergraduate).


Safe space

“It’s a place to talk about things I’m anxious or uncertain about. It helps me articulate things I’m concerned about and do something about them” (HEI student, undergraduate).

UMO’s drop-in service provides the opportunity for students to “unload” and receive practical advice and strategies. Students can find out more about mental health and/or wellbeing services, and receive advice and support on how to manage and learn self-management techniques from a UMO clinician.


UMO’s drop-in service aims to empower students and provide them with the knowledge and tools to manage their own mental health and wellbeing.


The UMO drop-in clinicians are highly qualified mental health practitioners with particular interest and experience working with students in HE; they have the ability to connect with students from a culturally diverse background.


UMO’s drop-in service can be established for a minimum period of 2 hours per week and offers a brief form of support for students.