Autism and Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Autism and Neurodiversity

UMO has a decade of experience providing specialist mentoring for employees with autism or neurodiverse challenges.


£61.99 (excluding VAT) inside London

£59.99 (excluding VAT) outside London

UMO’s Specialist Autism and Neurodiversity Mentors help to guide, develop and recognise the student’s abilities so they are able to achieve their potential at university.

Our experienced Specialist Mentors have a detailed understanding of the needs of Autism and Neurodiverse employees at work.

The UMO Mentor supports the employee to make the transition to the current workplace, obtaining a sense of belonging within the workplace environment, develop skills to help with social interaction, understand the norms of the workplace, access services and learn to advocate for themselves.

In identifying these barriers, the UMO Mentor works with the employee to implement strategies that allows them to better manage their emotional state and wellbeing, separate out experiences that are personal rather than specific to their workplace, improve time and workload management, and overall improve the workplace and social experience.

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