Training for Specialist Workplace Sectors

Training for Specialist Workplace Sectors

UMO has a strong history of providing specialist mental health and wellbeing training, using the most relevant evidence-based research, guidance and recommendations. 


Our bespoke skill-based training is aimed at all levels of staff within organisations. UMO trainers are highly qualified and experienced mental health practitioners, all with extensive experience in the mental health sector, chosen for their expertise.


We know that experiences and cultures within specialist sectors are unique to individuals. So it’s important that training and support reflects this. 

Core Training for Specialist Workplace Sectors (in person or virtual)

Mental Health Awareness (half day)

Increasing understanding and support

Supports staff to build an understanding of mental health presentations in the workplace and explore the impact of mental health at work. Learning how to better support self-care as well as supporting others in the workplace

Mental Health Voices
(1 day)

Staff who complete this course will become ‘Mental Health Voices’ in their workplace

Staff will learn creative and innovative ways to use their voice to promote positive mental health in their workplace and evoke innovative changes in culture

Suicide Awareness (half day)

Removing the stigma

Supports staff to understand more about anxiety and depression symptoms in relation to suicidal thoughts and to practice and build confidence in ways to support others

Thought Challenging & Behaviour Changing (1 day)

Learning psychological interventions

Introduces Cognitive Behavioural Theories and self-help interventions into the workplace, by recognising and challenging unhelpful thoughts and behaviours


UMO specialises in the following sectors: Health Care, Finance, Information Technology, Real estate / Development/ Construction, Education, Agriculture, and Government.

Specialist Workplace Sector Training:

Building Real Resilience (half day)

Men’s Mental Health and Suicide Prevention (1 day)

Joining Together – Global Majority (1 day)

ADHD Training (1 day)

ASD Training (1 day)