Work Diverse Ethnicity Coaching

Diverse Ethnicity Coaching

UMO’s Diverse Ethnicity Coaching tackles the difficulties in the workplace related to the person’s race, ethnicity and culture.  

£120 (excluding VAT)


Diverse ethnicity coaching is a specialised support that aims to build a sense of allyship, developing strategies to help you focus on your work and goals. To work in collaboration to gain insight into difficulties that impact employees and their personal growth. 



Staff felt empowered

“I was feeling stuck and unseen but I am feeling stronger and I know I am a capable person.

Because of the sessions I have had, I was able to have a very open conversation with my line manager and some colleagues about my daily experiences” (employee, education sector).



Staff felt happier at work

“It was comforting to hear from other ethnic minority colleagues and have a space just for us – there was a mutual understanding between us all – and shared experiences. I always felt either really empowered leaving the sessions or often questioning my work place and my role at the institution” (Employee, finance sector).


Staff felt more productive & motivated

“Understanding of minority experience in organizational culture and overall challenges 

in workplace and with career progression” (Employee, charity sector).


Staff recognised the importance of a coach from diverse ethnicity

“Prior to the group I felt some social exclusion due to my identity in the context of my team but here I feel like I found my people” (Employee, education sector). 

Individuals from a Diverse Ethnicity background may face particular workplace challenges such as lack of career progression, inequality, isolation, micro aggression, discrimination, insecurity and frustration. 

UMO’s Diverse Ethnicity Coaching can help individuals articulate those challenges in a confidential and non-judgemental space and allows them to reflect on their experiences and work with their coach. Individuals can refocus and trust they will be heard and validated to promote self-acceptance and a positive self-image.

UMO offer an individual or group space that provides an opportunity to work with a specialist coach from a similar ethnic background. To explore experiences of racially based barriers and to develop skills to better manage the structural bias within the workplace and to develop strategies to address these obstacles. 

Individuals are able to rebuild self-esteem, unlock talents and proactively be encouraged and motivated to create change. The coaches equips them with the skills to forge a more satisfying work life 

The UMO workforce is hugely diverse, highly qualified and well placed to support all Diverse Ethnicity individuals.