University to Workplace Transition (UWT)

University to Workplace Transition (UWT)

UMO’s UWT Project will change the way that individuals are supported throughout their education and employment. 


UMO is piloting this project with several universities across the UK in April/May 2023, including the University of Manchester, Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London. Supported by specialist higher education organisations such as TASO and Student Minds. 


Our aim is for students to have access to support during their UWT to ensure that they achieve their goals.


It is clear that university support systems are not replicated in the UWT, which can draw out vulnerabilities that the student is already experiencing. 


There is currently no provision in place to support students during the UWT. UMO’s White Paper highlights the positive impact of continuing mentoring for mental health and wellbeing, as well as professional success.


Focussed sessions

Supports students by providing 2 UWT mentoring sessions in the last month of the degree/PHD and up to 5 UWT sessions between university ending and employment beginning


Provides a space to talk through thoughts surrounding the future, uncertainty and worry, ending university, reflection and moving forward


The specialist mentor supports the student with confidence and encourages the student to apply for roles where they will thrive


The specialist mentor and student will complete, implement and review the Mental Health and Wellbeing Passport

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The UWT sessions will bridge the gap between university ending and the workplace beginning, to continue with the foundation of support built during university mentoring sessions, to help the student with containment and processing of emotions during the time of uncertainty, to support with confidence and provide encouragement, to be a trusting and reliable support for the student during the time of transition, and to implement the Mental Health and Wellbeing Passport (MHWP).