Triage Service

Triage Service

UMO’s Triage service supports students and universities where there is a high demand for counselling services, by providing more resources to support.


Triage is a specialist intervention supporting university counselling services, ensuring that students get the support they need within a short time frame and reducing any waiting list.

Triage within 24 hours

UMO provides triage within 24 hours, ensuring that students can access the support when they need it. Whilst reducing waiting lists for universities

High Quality of Provision



UMO’s clinicians are qualified social workers, psychologists, mental health nurses, mental health practitioners and occupational therapists. With access to regular weekly and monthly supervision


HEI expertise



All of UMO’s clinicians work in the HEI sector, with an understanding of the supporting teams within the university, ensuring a whole university approach to support for the student

Mental Health Charter



Adhering to the Mental Health Charter Framework of support and principles of good practice. All clinicians are highly qualified, clinically supervised and registered with a professional body.

Triage is completed by our team of highly experienced clinicians who will gather relevant information relating to the students mental health and wellbeing, assess and manage all types of risk, suggest recommendations for treatment to the counselling team and will signpost to relevant services if appropriate. 


Triaging works closely in collaboration with the university counselling service ensuring that students in need of counselling are seen within a short time frame or can access specialist mentoring as an alternative option.