UMO provides clinical supervision to Mental Health Advisors, Mental Health Co-ordinators, Specialist Mental Health Mentors and other mental health professionals within HE. UMO supervision provides an important mechanism for the provision of a high quality, safe and effective mental health service.

Supervision provides a supportive space for staff to discuss and explore their own personal and emotional reactions to their work; reflect on and challenge their own practice in a safe and confidential environment as well as receive feedback on their skills; and engage in professional development, identify developmental needs and support revalidation when necessary.

UMO has a long track record of providing individual or group supervision to mental health professionals within HE, supporting staff at various universities including, Imperial, UCL, Queen Mary, Birkbeck, LSE and RVC.

Supervision is arranged usually on a fortnightly to monthly basis, either on or off site. Supervision can also be organized remotely using the secure digital platform, GoogleMeet.

UMO supervisors are highly qualified clinicians with extensive experience in providing supervision to mental health professionals. They understand nuances of the role of the mental health professional in the HE setting.


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