Mental Health Mentoring supports students with a diagnosed mental health condition and focuses on how it impacts to their studies and their time at university.

Mental Health Mentoring enables the student to establish a private and safe relationship with their mentor who understands the demands of their course in the context of their condition, how it impacts the individual, and appreciates the resultant psychological difficulties and problems that they may face within the university context. Over time, a supportive and respectful relationship of trust is developed allowing the person to explore issues affecting them at university and to work on overcoming those barriers.

The Mental Health Mentor supports the student with problem-solving, decision-making and testing out new strategies for coping. Mentoring can highlight destructive studying/work patterns, blind spots and difficulties that the individual is experiencing in relation to others, or their studies and time at university and helps address these issues.

Mental Health Mentoring sessions offer opportunities for reflection and constructive feedback to enhance personal development. This not only benefits the individual but also the studies they undertake and the relationships they have with other students and university staff.


£61.99 + VAT in London
£59.99 + VAT outside London


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